Day 21

Day 21 of my #1GrooveADay project: one new groove on my hybrid percussion kit every day! Here is a groove in 3/4 time which is a common time signature I’m Sweden 🙂

Watch the video and get more information below ⬇

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Today's groove is in 3/4 time, but with a twist. This kind of a 3/4 time is used in Swedish traditional and new folk music 😊 #day21 #1GrooveADay Use headphones for a greater experience ☺ Follow for a new groove every day! #vf15 #drums #drummer #drum #drumming #percussion #vicfirth #zildjian #drumlife #drummers #drumset #drumkit #percussionist #drummerlife #instadrums #drumsoutlet #drumfam #theworldofdrums @vicfirth #instagroove_ #drumuniversity #beatmakermagazine #drumsdaily I use: @trumverkstan tambourines @staggmusic cymbals @meinlpercussion 12" wood pandeiro @evansdrumheads drum head (for pandeiro bass drum) @yamahadrumsofficial and @gibraltarhardware hardware + various bells, sound effects and sticks

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